Evolve is a collection based on the theory of Transhumanism, which is a movement that defines the metamorphosis of human kind through future medical engineering technology. This process book and collection was developed through the use of unconventional materials and silhouettes derived from human anatomy.
"The marriage of art and technology."
With many of the pieces in this collection, I focused on muscular anatomy as a way to break up silhouettes on the body. 
On the left, I drew out different ways to represent muscle tissue in a garmet; Possibly gathered and/or layered fabric would give the right look.
I taped my dressform to depict the major muscle goups of the body. This sparked the idea of the inverted dress, where everything that is white on one side is black on the other.
 I wanted to show the cardio vascular system, so I felted organza with silk and mohair thread/wool felt to create the effect of veins.
Designs that could be vaccuum formed or 3D printed
I also researched flight suits to find the shapes that I wanted within my collection, specifically an SR-71 flight suit and a prototype space suit of the 1950's.
Research on a more organic, but robotic Idea for an armored suit.
Design based off of sutures within the skull.
The copper samples to the right were made specifically for this collection. I partnered up with metalsmith, Kelsey Courage, to create samples of what the metal might look like for this collection.
Optional drawings for final lineup.
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