Natura Temporis is a dusty desert collection inspired by the effect time has upon nature. The beauty of canyons,  agates, and trees are a major focus, as well as a digital pattern created for the collection.
I love finding illusions within nature. The agate above is a great example of how a stone can end up looking like a photograph of a canyon. These agates are known as Landscape Agates. 
These polaroids a friend took at the beach with expired film, sparked the idea for this collection.
These are the computer sketches I developed with the images of stones, landscapes, and poloroids I collected. From here I will sketch out the sihlouette detail  envisioned for each look.
In the end, I imagine these designs digitally printed along with the print developed below.
This print was made from pieces of burned paper that I scanned into the computer, making a topographic-esque repeat pattern.
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